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Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

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Co-op Details

    -Local Split screen co-op (2 players)

     -Online co-op (3 players)

     -Simultaneous Local and Online co-op (2 players)


Overall Quality

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     -As a co-op experience Uncharted 3 is Top Tier. With 3 different co-op modes to play locally you have some great reasons to play.

     -Uncharted 3 is a co-op game you shouldn’t miss


Fun Factor

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     -Playing through a separate co-op specific campaign as Drake and Sully is pretty sweet. Also the co-op Arena is extremely addictive, as is the online multiplayer (which is playable split screen). Top it off with all the customization options and you have a really fun game

Gameplay Screenshot

Team Work

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     -There are arena objectives, such as survival (where you need to hit a kill limit), Siege (where you need to hold a area for a limited amount of time) and Gold Rush (where you need to get to a treasure and carry it across the map to place it into a chest). These challenges are designed for teamwork

     -The co-op campaign is pretty teamwork oriented too


Quality of Co-op

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     -Excellent co-op options; you have co-op campaign, co-op arena and split screen online multiplayer

     -The only real limitation is in the co-op campaign you need to finish the whole chapter before you quit or run out of lives, there is no save option

-Also when playing locally you are only given 80% of your split screen, the other part has your emblem showing for some reason


Replay Value

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     -Between the co-op arena and the online split screen co-op you have no reason to stop playing

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