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Approximate age:                      Late 20's 

Family status:                                 Married with kids 

Gamer Status:                   Veteran: Got a NES for his 3rd Birthday and has been hooked ever since. Has owned all Nintendo Consoles and all Playstation Systems. Plays about 2 hours a day

Gamer Mantra:               As friendly as a guy can be with blades chained to his wrist and a SVD sniper rifle on his back      

Criteria Interests:             -Game Play Options


                                                          -Fun Factor     

                                                          -Replay value


Game style interest:        Single player 

-1 3rd person Shooter

-2 Platformers

-3 1st person Shooter

-4 Military Shooter

-5 Hack and slash/ adventure games

-6 Racing

-7 Tactical Assassin (action adventure) 


-1  3rd person shooter

-2 Platformer

-3 Mini games

-4 Military shooter 


Top Game Aspects: (solo)

-1 Free Roam

-2 Weapon Modication

-3 Game Value vs. Cost

-4 Character Customization

-5 Game Length

-6 Options of side quests

-7 Camera/view

-8 Humour 


Least important Game Aspects:(solo)

-1 Story line

-2 Soundtrack

-3 Cut scenes 

Favorite Series:                -1 Grand Theift Auto

-2 Racket and Clank

-3 Mario

-4 Donkey Kong

-5 Midnight Club 


Favorite Games:              -1 Perfect Dark (N64)

-2 Racket and Clank: Deadlocked (PS2)

-3 Super Mario 3 (NES)

-4 True Crimes: Streets of LA (PS2)

-5 Hitman 2: Slient Assassin (PS2)

-6 Midnight Club 3: DUB edition (PS2)

-7 Mario 64 (N64)      

-8 Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Wii)

-9 Conflict Desert Storm: Back to Bagdad (PS2)

-10 GTA: San Andreas (PS2)

Special thanks to Kristopher Allen Wiebe- Ronin logo concept artist Check out his Blog

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