Form Object

Rating Criteria

Overall Appeal
-As a whole how is this game? How does this game make you feel? Is it addictive? Is there anything that ruins the game, is it better than its faults?

Fun Factor
- Is the game fun? Is it fun because of everything else or in spite of everything else?

Replay Value
-Is it worth playing again, are there new features, are there harder levels, is there any carry over, are there other game features (mini games, RACES, FIGHTS ETC...)

-Do the graphics fit the game? Do they fit the system? How are the cut scenes? attention to detail (shadows, players hands, face) Is the writing big enough to read. How does the game look? Is the screen layout (health bars, other info) clean and clear or distract from what’s happening in game?

-How is the online play? Does it offer any extra features that are not in local play? Does the online offer game play or just leader boards and stats

-Is it interesting? Cheesy? Linear? Is the story important part of the game or does it seem tacked on?

     -Do you care about your character? Are they important to the story? Do you like them? Are they funny? Cool? Annoying? Boring? etc...

-Can you customize characters, cars, controls, games, scenes, weapons etc...?

     - Are you able to control the camera angles? 360? If not does it take away from the game play or is the AI camera smart? Can you zoom in or out?

     -Are controls customizable? Are they practical? Do they make use of the all of the buttons? Do they feel natural? Are they consistent with other similar games?

Game Mode
     -Does this game offer anything other than its primary function? Are there mini games? Races? Fight modes? Challenges?

Game Play Options
     -Do you have to complete a mission in a certain way or do you have the freedom to find your own path to complete each scenario? Will your game play choices affect the outcome? Is there free roam? Can you find secrets? Does the game support different play styles? Are you on a strict linear path?

Progression of Difficulty
     -Does the game flow naturally? Is it too difficult? Too easy? Are there multiple difficulties? Is there a smooth transition from regular game play to boss fights?

Minor Details
     -How practical or functional are the menus? Save times? Can you skip cut scenes? game synopsis? Useful manual? Any other minor points worth mentioning

     - Are the character voices realistic? Appealing? Annoying? Can you turn off the voices? Is the background music customizable? Does it fit the game? Are the sounds repetitive? Can you make your own playlist


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