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PS3, Xbox 360
3rd Person Shooter
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Blood and Gore

Intense Violence


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Overall Appeal

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     -Neverdead is a solid effort to add something new to thousands of shooter games out there. It is a little rough around the edges and feels a little unpolished, but that is a small price to pay for never dying. That is not to say you can’t get a game over, if your head get swallowed or your partner dies you are done.

     -A lot of time if a game is not part of a big franchise or doesn’t have a remarkable pedigree it won’t get any love from critics, but Neverdead is a fun game that is worth a play though.


Fun Factor

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     -Ripping off your own limbs, destroying ceilings so everything comes crashing down on the enemies (and you), duel wielding guns and powerful sword attacks. Any of that sound fun to you?


Replay Value

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     -The game is full of destructive fun, so going back to replay and find all the collectable you missed is a possibility

     -However, the online should be the main source of replay value, and it didn’t have a very big community after the first week, so let’s hope it picks up



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     -The graphics are not to the quality I was hoping for in a 2012 game, but they still work well and do not take anything away from the gameplay





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     -The online multiplayer is a mix of small 4 player co-op and competitive games. You have co-op Onslaught and a save the civilians game, and for competitive you have a Fragile Alliance game and a “take the other guy’s eggs” game.

     -When I played there was a small community, so not a lot of options



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     -The story is interesting, yet kind of shallow. You need to find and kill the demonic baddies to save the world: Blah, Blah. At least the story keeps the game moving



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     -I like Bryce, he is a cross between Beeltejuice and Hellboy. Two great characters, with cheesy one-liners, who fit nicely together.  I think Bryce is a strong enough character to carry a franchise



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     -There is really very little customization. You really only have skill upgrades, but with a limited number of slots to use for your upgrades you can change them to fit the situation, which is kind of a customization

     -Online has the same upgrade options you unlocked in the campaign, plus you can choose different skins


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