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3rd Person Shooter
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Comic Mischief
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Ghostbusters: The Video Game

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Co-op Details

    -Local Co-op Campaign (Wii and PS2)

    -Online Co-op Campaign (PS3 and Xbox 360)


Overall Quality

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     -This just a mediocre games, so it is a mediocre co-op game. It has some fun parts and is not a waste of money to play with a friend, so with a limited number of co-op games out there this might be worth playing as you go down the list.

     -Ghostbusters is a good afternoon’s game or after school kind of game! Each stage/level always have something interesting wait for you. Anyone can play this game!      


Fun Factor

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     -This a fun game for someone who grew up with the Ghostbusters, but as a co-op game it is mediocre, it is more fun co-op them single player, but not by much

     -The story/facts behind each ghost are really interesting.  It’s telling you how to fight/capture the ghost and what type of weapon you should use, that make it not too easy or too hard.




Team Work

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     -Teamwork is not so important in this game, because it’s not only just two of us all the time. Partner come in handy when one person need to fight/capture the ghost while the other searching for the clue/items in order to go to the next step/level.



Quality of Co-op

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     -Well the co-op doesn’t really seem tacked on as much as the game feels tacked on. You are referred to as 1 person in the cut scenes, but other then that you feel as welcome single player or co-op   



Replay Value

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     -Well, you can go back and replay any level at anytime and see how much stuff you can smash and collect items, it has some replay but not a ton 


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