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3rd Person Shooter
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Blood and Gore
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Gears of War 3

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Overall Appeal

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     -Overall Gears of War 3 is just an awesome game, great characters, deeper story, fantastic multiplayer modes, and some top notch co-op play. Gears of War 3 is a incredible end to a great series


Fun Factor

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     -Two words “Chainsaw Gun”, I think that speaks for itself

     -I spend most of my time in Horde Mode, my buddies and I levelling up our turrets and waiting to use the new Silverback exoskeleton with chain guns, can you say good time?

     -Also, for some reason the kills are more satisfying this time around, you don’t feel like you are emptying full mags into the enemies face and they walk away


Replay Value

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     -With a long campaign, satisfying multiplayer, deep and rewarding Horde mode and a unique Beast mode AND throw in the fact that it is all available co-op and you have a game that you’ll never get rid of



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     -The graphics in Gears of War 3 are extremely polished. The environments are deep and very sharp. The whole presentation of the game is outstanding





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     -It is really hard to be on of those permanently poplar games, and it is through a really strong online game that, that is possible. Gears of War 3 may have done that. The problems from the first 2 games are fixed and in Horde there is more depth, such as being able to buy turrets, barriers, decoys and more with money you get from all the carnage, you really can’t stop playing whether through local or online play.



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     -Epic did a much better job with the story the third time around. They ended the series with a much deeper story that really fills in a lot of the missing stuff from the early games



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     -All of the characters are deeper in this game then in the first 2. I love Baird he’s hilarious



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     -There is really nothing to customize the only thing close is building and upgrading fortification gear in Horde mode, even that is slow unless you have a big group to play with

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