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PS3, Xbox 360, PC
1st Person Shooter
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Blood and Gore

Intense Violence

Partial Nudity

Strong Language

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Overall Appeal

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     -This game has a lot to offer, It is a great single player that you really want to replay with the new unlockable character, it is an amazing co-op game and it has some really unique and fun online multiplayer, all and all this is a really great buy

     -A few limitations like lack of customization and gameplay options keep this from being a stellar game


Fun Factor

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     -When you play though the first time you play as Pointman with typical power that F.E.A.R. fans are use to, but when you play through the second time you are Fettel and his powers are WAY more fun to play so the second time is more fun

     -Co-op is the best way to play, it can be hard to decide who gets to play as Fettel though

     -The online multiplayer is very fun and Soul King is a unique multiplayer game


Replay Value

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     -Play through as Pointman, then again as Fettel, then invite a buddy to play and play it again co-op, then show your dominance online, this is a great game to play over and over



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     -The graphics are very detail, and creepy. I didn’t jump as much as in F.E.A.R. 2, but it is still creepy




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     -The online games are mostly for small groups, either team based or points competitions, all fun mind you. But you can’t play splitscreen online, which kind of sucked



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     -The story was what fans of the F.E.A.R. games would expect, you are a little lost if you haven’t play any of the others, but it answers so question and the ending really makes you speculate what F.E.A.R. 4 will bring



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     -Pointman is the hero from F.E.A.R. 1 and Fettel is the Villian play them together is pretty fun, Beckett (the hero from the second game) makes a brief but “explosive” experience



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     -You gain experience points but they auto upgrade your abilities, it is kind of lame, I would rather spend my points to customize my characters

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