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PS2, Wii
3rd Person Shooter
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Comic Mischief
Fantasy Violence
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Co-op Details

    -Local Co-op Campaign


Overall Quality

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     -This game really is better then the sum of it’s parts as a whole, but as far as co-op it really is a great game to pick up and play


Fun Factor

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     -This is a fun game to play co-op. The characters are funny and charming and the weapons are cool and fun to use

     -If you and your friend have a weird sense of humour then you will really enjoy this game




Team Work

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     -There is not a ton of teamwork that is mandatory in this game, rescuing your partner (which you have to do a lot if you play with Zomberella) and teamwork during boss fights is really helpful


Quality of Co-op

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     -This game was build to be played co-op, it is fun single player too, but they designed the game with co-op gameplay in mind.  


Replay Value

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     -Really the only thing you might want to do after you finish the game is go back and collect all the weapons parts, because once you have them you can unlock new weapons 

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