Name:                                       Craven


Age:                                   Mid 30s


Family Status:                  Divorced, No Kids


Gamer Status:                 Rookie. New to gamer world, plays less than 2 hours a week, been a gamer for 2 years


Criteria Interests:           - Sound

- Presentation and Graphics


Gamer Mantra:              “It’s gotta look big, sound big, play big!”


Top Game Aspects:      - Awesome soundtracks

                                                - Solo motion replay

                                                - Outstandingly Detailed Graphic


Top Game Styles:           - Adventure

                                                - Platformer

                                                - Driving

                                                - Shooter

                                                - RPG

                                                - Driving


Favorite Games:             - Little Big Planet

                                                - Guitar Hero: Aerosmith

                                                - UFC

                                                - inFamous


Favorite Series:               - Guitar Hero

                                                - GTA

                                                - Call of Duty

                                                 - Need for Speed


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