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Information correct as of August 31st, 2011


Playstation 3

Xbox 360

Nintendo Wii


Xbox 360

Price as of August 2011 (Base Package)

Playstation 3 160GB
Xbox 360 4GB
Nintendo Wii

Features offered with base packages

Console includes, 120gb harddrive, an AV cable and power cord, a Sony wireless controller, Blueray compatible.
Console includes a Microsoft wireless controller, 4Gb hard drive, an AV cable and power cord, and a trial membership to Xbox LIVE Silver and is Kinect Ready
Console includes Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort, 112mb built-in flash memory, a sensor bar, an AV cable and power cord, a Wii stand, a Wii Remote, and a Nunchuk controller.

Backwards Compatible

No currently produced (120gb) systems are backwards compatable. Older versions (20/60/80gb) were backwards compatible.
Only select Xbox games are compatible.
All GameCube games compatible. Many older downloadable games.

Availability of Games

Aprox.1100 released or announced games.
Aprox. 2000 released or announced games.
Aprox. 2100 games released or announced games.

Official Accessories**

Playstation 3 SIXAXIS (controller) No vibration option
Playstation 3 Dualshock3 (contoller) with vibration option (rechargeable standard)
PlayStation 3 Memory Card Adaptor (allows for PS1 and PS2 memory card data to be transfered to the PS3 hard disk)
PlayStation 3 BD Remote (allows control of Blueray and DVD function from a traditional looking remote control)
Playstation Eye (allows the capture of videos at a rate of 60 frames per second at 640 x 480 resolution)
Official PlayStation 3 HDMI and Component AV cables
PlayStation®Move motion controller
Xbox 360 Controller (available wired or wireless, extra cost for rechargeable)
Universal Media Remote (for DVDs)
Steering wheel
Headset (wired and wireless)
Live Vision camera (allows the capture of videos
Play and Charge Kit (allows the controller to be recharged while playing a game by plugging the wireless controller into a USB port)
Quick Charge Kit (charges controller batery packs at a rate faster then Play and Charge kit however cannot charge during use)
Kinect Motion Controller
Classic Controller (needed to play some Virtual Console games)
Wii Remote
Nunchuk controller
Wii MotionPlus (gives additional precision and performance when used with specially designed games)
Wii Balance Board (it interprets the movement of your feet and brings your motions to life. Bundled with the Wii Fit game)
Wii Wheel (turns your Wii Remote into a steering wheel)
Wii Speak (lets people in up to four locations - who have traded Friend Codes - chat with one another)
Wii Zapper (turns your Wii Remote and Nunchuck into a gun. Bundled with Link's Crossbow Training)

Online Access/Features**

Can be connected wirelessly or through USB. Connect to PlayStation®Network to visit the Playstation Store, Playstation Movie and TV Downloads. PlayStation®Network is 100% free service which also includes free Online Multiplayer Gameplay.
Can be connected wirelessly (Now only with the new slims) or through USB.
Register with XBox LIVE to join Xbox LIVE community, marketpalce, parental controls and media center. Paid subscription required for Online Multiplayer gameplay.
Can be connected wirelessly or through USB. Play games online with friends or competitively at no cost. Connect to the Wii Shop Channel to download internet browsing or to purchace Virtual Console games.

High Definition Capable


3D Capable


Other Media

DVD and Blueray Compatible
Netflix Available
DVD Compatible
Netflix Available
Will not play any media discs
Netflix Available

GameScales' Observations

You need to pay tax (at least in Canada) when you buy games off the PSN
Demos and add-ons are released after Xbox 360
New Playstation Plus available which you can pay for the otherwise free PSN access to get faster access to demos and add-ons
You do not pay tax When you buy games off Xbox Live
Demos and add-ons are released first
You do not pay tax when you buy games off WiiWare or Virtural Console
Most new games require WiiMotion Plus which now comes standard
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