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PS3, Xbox 360
1st Person Shooter
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Drug Reference
Strong Language
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Conflict: Denied Ops

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Co-op Details

    -Local Co-op

     -Online Co-op

     -Online Multiplayer (2-16 players)

     -Local Multiplayer (1-4 player)


Overall Quality

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     -This a good game it pick up cheap and play with a buddy, the only downsides are the fact that it’s old, so bad graphics, dead online community and shallow campaign with little replay

     -But all that being said it is a decent game   


Fun Factor

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     -Multiplayer is a lot of fun when you can shoot Ronin in the back of the head with a Masterkey, and fun the rest of the time too, but with an old game the online community is dead

     -The campaign is fun, but it really doesn’t have much replay value




Team Work

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     -Very basic teamwork, there really is no teamwork required, but with the right partner you can get a lot done


Quality of Co-op

     1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10

     -This game has full campaign and full online or local split screen multiplayer, (lots to blowie up-ie, that’s a Czar-ism)


Replay Value

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     -The campaign is not really worth replaying, it is fun but it really is only fun once

     -The Online community is very small so the online multiplayer is doesn’t add much


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