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1st Person Shooter
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Overall Appeal

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     -This is a great game overall, it has a campaign that can be played from 3 different points of view, interesting online multiplayer, good weapon load out options, and it doesn’t glamorize the characters like many other games do.

     -I had some trouble with seeing the baddies in some levels, but nothing a little Uzi spray couldn’t fix and the characters mouths never really matched their voices


Fun Factor

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     -I found the gameplay very fun, challenging missions that moved very quickly, lots of ammo to pick up, each character has their own second objectives to complete without the other characters noticing and lots of people to shoot

     -The online multiplayer is pretty fun, I like how the lobby was a room with a shooting range that you could practice with new weapons and get XP while waiting for the game to load


Replay Value

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     -Really this is 1 game with 3 playable characters and each character has their own story, motives and objectives, for the most part the campaign is the same, but they split up at points and have people they need to answer to so there is a lot replay

     -The online multiplayer and online co-op add a lot too



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     -The graphics are very inconsistent, some levels look great and sharp other look thrown together and unpolished, all in it all it was disappointing, but didn’t really hurt the gameplay





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     -Online team based multiplayer, mostly objectives to meet, more than just kill other team

     -Online co-op was pretty fun, it’s better than playing solo, if you have a good 3 man team



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     -The storyline is basically a revenge story, each character has their own agenda and their own sub-story, but for the most part it is fairly raw and not a game for people who are into hero worship, it is bad people doing bad things to get the job done



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     -the 3 main characters are Ben McCall, Eddie Guerra and Kim Evans, none of them are very likeable, but you’re not suppose to they are bad guys who work for the good guys to get stuff done, but they are more complicated than I expected with their own stories



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     -You can customize weapons load outs and you skins in multiplayer, but that is about it

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