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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

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Overall Appeal

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     -This game surprised me; I was expecting a half decent campaign with stunning graphics, an innovative online multiplayer and a shallow Spec Ops (I was a little pessimistic)

     -However, I was wrong on all account, the Campaign was my favourite part of the game, it is very fun but the graphic are not as impressive as I hoped. The Multiplayer is very fun and comfortable, but not innovative. The Spec Ops is solid, very fun, challenging, rewarding and blast to play with a few buddies. Overall I was pleasantly surprised with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3


Fun Factor

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     -I really enjoyed playing this game. What impressed me most was the Campaign, although short, it was a lot of fun and very exciting to play through, if you are a gamer who goes right to the multiplayer and skips the campaign you are missing out

     -The Spec Ops add a lot of fun as well, it is extremely satisfying playing through the missions and the survival mode with a buddy with local or online co-op

     -The Multiplayer is very fun and very rewarding, 16 maps and a nice selection of games will keep you entertaining and shooting 12 year old gamers worldwide in all night long


Replay Value

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     -Modern Warfare 3 will be one of those games you hold onto until the next Call of Duty comes out. The Campaign is short, probably max 6 hours playtime, but the Spec Ops will keeping you coming back to keep levelling up and to play co-op with your buddies.

     -Really it is the Multiplayer that will hold the replay value for this game. It is rewarding, you are constantly levelling up and gaining new gear, but it may not offer enough new stuff to maintain the replay value that past Call of Duty games have offered



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     -The game is not as visually impressive as I was hoping for, but it still looks great and the presentation really sucks you in.

     -The Spec Ops looks better then I was expecting, the Campaign a little worst and the Multiplayer looks, well familiar





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     -The online multiplayer is something that Call of Duty fans are going to be very comfortable with, maybe to comfortable however. It is really similar to what we have seen in other Call of Duty games, I felt like I was back playing Black Ops again, not that it is necessary a bad thing, but with the release of some similar games with excellent multiplayers (Battlefield 3, Resistance 3 and Gears of War 3), Call of Duty: MW3 might become stagnant.



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     -Alongside some familiar faces, namely Price and Soap, we pick up where Modern Warfare 2 left off Makarov is still up to his dastardly deeds and a lot of people are in danger. I enjoyed the story, though a short one, it moves pretty quick, if you haven’t played Modern Warfare 2 (and really who hasn’t) you may be a little lost, but you catch up pretty quick

     -The story of the Spec Ops missions really fit in well around the progression of the Campaign



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     -You play as many different characters as the story unfolds, I think the most fun is Yuri, who is teamed up with our old friends Price and Soap, but when you play as the solider Callsign: Frost he has got the best gear.

     -None of the characters are overly defined, but playing multiple characters it is hard to really develop them. That was one of the things I like a lot about Black Ops was the depth of Mason and Reznov, I was kind of hoping for that kind of development



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     -There is really very little customization outside of the multiplayer. That being said there is really a lot of options for weapons load outs, emblems, tags, and camouflage. This is a standard for the franchise so no really surprise.

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