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PS3, Xbox 360, PC
1st Person Shooter
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Blood and Gore

Drug Reference

Intense Violence

Strong Language

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

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Co-op Details

    -Split screen co-op (2 players)

     -Online co-op (2 players)


Overall Quality

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     -Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is another game from a great co-op friendly franchise. All co-op gamers will be happy with the options you have in this game and the fun you can have blowing stuff up


Fun Factor

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     -This game is fun on all accounts. As a co-op game it offers a lot of options to play, starting with the Spec Ops missions where you and a buddy and hunt your way through levels in Two Man formation to reach your objectives and then replay the level to beat your times. Next is the Spec Ops Arena where you and your buddies fight off waves of enemies in with access to weapon cashes and air strikes. Last is you can take on the world in the famous Call of Duty online multiplayer, with a buddy beside you, and show those 12 year olds why we still run the world

Gameplay Screenshot

Team Work

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     -There is really very little mandatory teamwork, other then what you and your buddies decided to work out yourselves


Quality of Co-op

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     -Modern Warfare 3 offers a survival arena, co-op specific missions and a great online multiplayer all that are available to be play both locally and online


Replay Value

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     -Playing the online multiplayer split screen even more fun than playing alone

     -The Arena (which replaced Zombies) is fun to play but after everyone is dead you restart at the beginning, which is not a new thing but it gets frustrating and can hurt replay value, if you could restart from current level or with the weapons you died with it would be a lot better (plus with only 2 players you can get overwhelmed pretty quick)

     -The Spec Ops missions are a lot of fun and it is fun to replay them to try to beat your times

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