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PS3, Xbox 360, PC
1st Person Shooter
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Blood and Gore

Drug Reference

Intense Violence

Strong Language

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     -1st Person view

     -A nice selection of various sights and scopes

     -Player indicators are very helpful



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     -Very comfortable controls, a nice selection of controller layout options to fit your tastes


Game Mode

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     -Aside from the Campaign, you have the classic multiplayer, with many game types and we can assume there will be many map packs released at later dates

     -The Spec Ops is as expected, the missions compliment the campaign very well, following the progression of the campaign and giving you a fully version of what is happening throughout the story

     -The Survival mode is a zombie-less battle to stay alive after waves after waves of baddies are out for blood. I was hoping for some level of progression in Survival, more than just starting all over after being defeated, maybe having access to previously purchased weapons and armour, anything really

     -It is really nice that you can play all of the Spec Ops missions solo if you so choose


Gameplay Options

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     -Both the Campaign and Spec Ops are very linear. The combat area is small, but like the Multiplayer close and narrow combat is kind of what the Call of Duty games are all about

     -The only really option you have during gameplay is weapon selection, but being able to have 2 primary weapons is a very nice option




Progression of Difficulty

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     -The game has a really nice progression, it builds at an excellent pace

     -You have the option to change the difficult settings at any time from the pause screen


Minor Details

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     -The Spec Ops is playable single player, it is less fun that ways but nice to have that option

     -Picks up nicely from MW2



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     -The voice acting and sound effects are excellent

     -Like a lot of war games the sounds of battle grounds really fills the room

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