Buying Tips


9 step to take when needing a new game.


Here are some tips to help you when looking to buy a new game.


1. Research title before buying


2. Read reviews of the games you are looking at before you buy them.


3. Some high priced games are that way because they are new, not good


4. Some cheaper games are that way because they are older, not bad


5. Read the back of the case to see number of players, memory needed and online capabilities


6. Know how to read the cases, (example on the Xbox 360 the local info is in green and the Xbox Live info is in orange


7. Know clearly what the genre of the game you are buying is


8. Watch videos of the game


9. Look at screenshots



Benefits of trade vs selling vs hoarding


Trade - Trade value is based on both the popularity of the game you want to trade and how new it is. To get the highest value out of a particular game you have to trade in games that are new(ish) valued games to get the higher trade in value


-Some stores have their most valuable trade in game posted in store or on flyers.


-It is an easy way to get the price down on games, but be aware some games they will not take.



Selling - You can sell games or consoles privately and get more money than you would on trade in, typically, and more than you would be if you sold them for cash to stores (that still do that).


-You can sell them on free online classified sites, such as Kijiji or Craig’s List.


-This is more time consuming method, but can pay off. It is harder if you have older games or systems.


Hoarding - Other than having a large selection of game to play, there really is no benefit of hoarding.


-However, it is a very common practice, even some us here at GameScales do it. (*cough*, Ronin!)


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