Budget Conscious


Something near and dear to our hearts. How do you get the most games for the least amount of money and have them still kick butt?



Used vs. New



New -Guarantee condition (don’t have to worry about if the previous owner looked after the game)


-Better Chance to be in stock


-No wait time


-Manufacture guarantee (for systems)



Used -Cheaper than buying new


-More information available for games (since they have been released for some time already)


-Some stores will offer a limited warranty






Greatest Hits are Playstation games that have been officially re-released at a lower price by Sony for the Playstation, PS2, PS3 and PSP consoles.



Platinum Hits is a term used to refer to a line of select Xbox games that have sold well and are being re-released at a lower price for the X-box and Xbox 360.



Player's Choice is a marketing label used by Nintendo to promote video games on Nintendo game consoles which have sold well; Player's Choice titles are sold at a lower price point than other games. (Nintendo does not currently offer Players Choice for the Wii)



It is common practice to release a slightly newer version of the game. These re-release games often contain fixing serious bugs and glitches that were initially missed.




Good aspects of the PS2

Here are 7 reasons why it is still a good idea to buy a PS2:


1. If you are a value conscience gamer or new to the world of gaming and do not want to drop $300+ to get started, then the Playstation 2 (PS2) could be a reasonable alternative for you.



2. The PS2 is an inexpensive, but still current game system with a lot offer.


3. The system and 1 controller cost $99 (CDN)/(US)


4. New Titles still released into 2010


5. Graphics are comparable to other, newer systems if you don’t have a HDTV


6. Accessories are economical and plentiful


7. There is a wide selection of easily available games, often at a lower price than their counterparts on one of the newer systems.





Benefit of buying Bundles (PSP)


The Playstation Portable is a great example of how you can save money and still get everything you need to start gaming. Sony frequently offers different bundle options so make sure you do some research if you’re looking into the PSP


  • For $169 you can buy the PSP core pack that comes with


-Pearl White PSP®-3000 System ($169)


-AC Power Cord


-AC Adaptor


-Battery pack



  • For $199 you can get a bundle, for example let’s look at the Assassin’s Creed Bundle



-The Limited Edition Assassin’s Creed: Bloodlines™ Entertainment Pack includes:


-Pearl White PSP®-3000 System ($169)


-Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines™ UMD® Game ($30)


-Angels & Demons PlayStation® Network Voucher ($25)


-2GB Memory Stick PRO Duo™ ($20)


-Sony MusicPass Voucher for 10 downloadable songs ($5)


Buying all of them separate would cost you $249


Also includes:


-AC Power Cord


-AC Adaptor


Battery pack


As you can see a much better value!

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