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Battlefield 3

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Overall Appeal

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     - I had very high hopes for this game, which the game did not reach, not a lot of that is my fault. It is hard not compare Battlefield 3 with Battlefield: Bad Company 2, but I did when playing and will throughout this review.

     -This game is not as good as Bad Company 2, let me get that out of the way, but it is still a great game with a very realistic story and feel to the game. It offers a fantastic multiplayer and a very fun co-op mode that will keep fans very happy


Fun Factor

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     -Battlefield 3 is a very fun game, the realistic gameplay and story appeals to a lot of gamers. The gameplay is very fun and the kills are very satisfying so I think everyone who plays it will have a really good time.

     -The Co-op is very fun and a great feature for the Battlefield games to included, hopefully they will include it in more games to come

     -The multiplayer is truly fun. It offers so much more than a lot of other games and rewards you very quickly so it seems like you are always getting to use new stuff


Replay Value

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     -The campaign with all the different missions might be worth playing again

-The co-op with all the team work elements and pick up and play feel is defiantly worth playing again

-The multiplayer is where the entire replay is really held. This is an excellent place to devote you online life. Take the time to master all the vehicles and max out the 4 classes and you will still come back for more



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     -The game looks stunning, crisp environments and a level of realism that adds so much to the feel of this game

     -I found the game to be poorly lit. I died many a time from an onslaught of bullets from dark rooms and dark corners, it gets a little annoying when that happens in the campaign, I expect that in the multiplayer but in the campaign it is uncalled for





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     -This really the strength of the game, great weapon classes with gear that is perfect for even shooter noobs. If you can’t seem to kill anyone, grabs some defibs and bring people back from the dead, or a torch and fix up the tanks.

     -I got a little crazy with the Anti-Tank Mines, also I have been known to go a little nuts with all the different RPGs, but those kind of weapons set these games apart from others (that shall remain nameless)



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     -Lets see we have Terrorists, attacks on cities in the Middle East, Russian spies, and a story unfolding through an interrogation backdrop. Really it has been done before, but it is still interesting and allows for a nice mix of infantry, jets, choppers, and tank missions so it is not a bad story all together



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     -You play mostly as Blackburn, who is being interrogated about a terrorist attack, however you play as other characters throughout as the story unfolds



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     -No real customization in campaign or co-op missions, however there is some customization options available through unlocking and ranking up in the multiplayer

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