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PS3, Xbox 360, PC
1st Person Shooter
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Intense Violence

Strong Language

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Battlefield 3

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Co-op Details

     -Online co-op (2 players)


Overall Quality

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     -Battlefield 3 has a section of 6 missions you can play with a buddy through online co-op. This is a great addition to an already strong game.

     -Some points to note though, gamers who are big on playing online will gravitate to the outstanding online multiplayer, so a local co-op option would have given more to the gamers who are not big on online play. Also with one of the first missions being a Jet mission there should have been an early tutorial on how to fly those complicated b**tards


Fun Factor

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     -The missions are both fun and challenging. The 2 man team adds a nice teamwork element to an already fun game. However, with only a limited number of missions and no co-op access to the online multiplayer the co-op fun is limited

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Team Work

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     -This is a teamwork heavy section of Battlefield 3. You really need to work with your partner in a lot of sections to complete objectives.


Quality of Co-op

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     -The co-op missions are solid with a strong teamwork element and equal partnership; however without a local play option it weakens the co-op quality


Replay Value

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     -The co-op campaign is fun and adds to the game’s overall replay, there are only 6 co-op missions and they might be worth replaying with a buddy, but most gamers will go back to the multiplayer

     -A local co-op element would have a long replay value

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