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PS3, Xbox 360, PC
3rd Person Shooter
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Blood and Gore

Intense Violence

Strong Language

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Army of Two: 40th Day

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Overall Appeal

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     -Despite a few snags, like no reward system online, a couple un-customizable weapons and a overly simple plot this is a fantastic game 

     -Probably the best co-op shooter out there


Fun Factor

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     -I really enjoyed a lot about this game. There is tons to shoot, collect, decide, customize and blow up

     -This is definitely a good buy   


Replay Value

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     -Play it alone, then online with a friend, then local with a buddy, then online against the world

     -You will get a lot of play time between co-op, PVP and single player

     -But more rewards online are needed  



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     -The game has a really nice look and feel to it

     -Great detail, impressive environments

     -It just looks great   





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     -Various team based and solo games. The one I really liked was Extraction

     -The online is fun to play, but with no upgrades, unlocks, ranks or medals and you everyone plays the same default players; online fans won’t keep coming back            



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     -Basically the story is get the H-E-Double Hockey Stick out of Dodge, or in this case Shang-hi as it collapse around you

     -The story is not really as big a part of the game as it was in Army of Two, but it works   



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     -You gotta love Salem and Rios. They are tough, funny, and scary with a gun. They show a far amount of depth

     -There are not really many supporting characters, and the ones that there are, are pretty shallow                      



     1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10

     -Great weapons customization, arguably better then Army of Two

     -Once you finish the game you can replay the level in whatever gear you want

     -You can choose your mask when you play online 

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